Black Cat


A disturbingly normal looking man, probably of Sarnathi descent. He’s paler than the average Miasman, certainly, but it’s difficult to gauge his exact features. The eye has a way of avoiding looking directly at him, and it’s difficult to recall much of him afterwards, save for a disquieting presence. He dresses reasonably well but certainly without flair. It’s difficult to imagine him in anything other than neutral tones.


Rumors about the Cat’s history abound, mostly spread by Orchids when they’re sure he’s not around. The most popular is that he’s one of Lady Gray’s old lovers, or even, one of her husbands. Some say he’s a dead man, and she’s animating him somehow, since all of her husbands passed. Others say he can’t die. That he’s God-touched. Some say he’s just a hallucination that she conjures with her parfumery.

Those less inclined to idle gossip know simply that he’s Her Ladyship’s sinister left hand, doing the dirty work that can’t be done by light of day. When people disappear, they say, the Cat got them. It may look like just an accident – a broken ladder they were climbing, and snapped their neck. Got drunk and fell in the canal, hit a rock with their head. But strange that it turns out to be someone that wasn’t paying what they owed Lady Gray. Or that had threatened her in a drunken rage one night.

The Cat makes problems like these no longer problems. What he gets in return is anyone’s guess.

Black Cat

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