Kasse de la Rue des Briquetiers

Mael's Gang; the Inquisitive One


Kasse is a Mutaline youth of sixteen, with curly dark blond hair worn long and braided. He has striking green eyes against a rich ruddy skin, and wears piercings on both ears. He dresses blue, and likes shiny jewelry.

He looks around a lot and comes off as a bit restless, his fingers usually twirling a coin or otherwise keeping occupied. He’s very observant and asks a lot of questions. He carries knives that he has some reasonable ability with when he’s “at work”, and the rest of the time he often has an old fiddle with him, which makes him popular with the other Orchids during long bouts of drunkenness at the Biddy.


Kasse de la Rue des Briquetiers

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