Mihail Kaczmarek

Mael's Gang; the Brains of the Operation


Mihail is a tall lad of seventeen with a thick unibrow and burly arms. He’s quite strong for his age, but still thinks of himself as younger than he is, so he’s actually quite easily cowed by people he could probably pummel. He likes red, and has garish red shoes in the Ylarneki coast fashion. His barber is terrible, but he doesn’t seem to know that, so he wears a terrible bowl cut.


Mihail’s father was a drinker and a bad man, who made the lives of his wife and four children hell back in Rogiweicz, a small Skai town on the Okyan River. When the middle son, Misha, died of the pox, it created a deeper divide between the jobless father and the eldest boy, Lucasz. Mihail was too young to remember the specifics of what happened the night after the burial, but Lucasz and his mother took he and his twin sister, Iga, and they fled Rogieweicz and didn’t stop running until they arrived in Sarnath. They settled in to a Skai slum, and made a new, if shabby life. Lucasz signed up for the army when he turned 15, and though they received letters at first, it’s been years now since they heard from him.

Their mother, Janis, still works at the factory although she’s old, and worn down by more than just age. His sister has also been there for over four years now. He worked there for a year but was kicked out after getting in a fight with the foreman. He tried to get in with the Malmeved, the Skai gang that ran Little Rivers, but he botched his first job as a lookout and they told him to get lost. He fell in with a gang of Skai who would go to Charity Square and rob people, but it was dangerous work. The others got caught by the Clockwork guard, and were executed. He ran away and drifted for a while, until Lady Gray took over the Little Rivers and threw out the Malmeved, and announced she was looking for new recruits.

Mihail Kaczmarek

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