Parisar Rubah


Parisar was a tiny tamiz, somewhat thin and delicate-looking, even though years of Gauntlet service put some wiry muscle on their frame. They wore their blond, wavy hair short, and however much pleasure they took in changing their own appearance, always wore a single teardrop-shaped earring. In their early years, they presented as androgynously as possible – shaving their facial hair and wearing kohl on their eyes – but they gradually became tired of performing tamizness for Sarnathi barbarians, and later on in life they would experiment with clothes and make-up and ridiculous moustaches for their own enjoyment. They hand-stitched their own clothes, and were partial to ruffles, coloured beads, and delicate embroidery.


Parisar interpreted their devotion to Reza, the grim vulture god of the White Death, somewhat liberally. While many of those tried by her choose a life of deep reflection or become much sought-after advisors to politicians and princes alike, Parisar felt their calling lay elsewhere. Drawn as they were to the pomp and grandeur of Sarnath and the prophecy of its Doom, they argued that if the Adversary’s presence was needed anywhere, it would be in the empire’s capital.
No great career as a diplomat or counsellor was meant for them, however, as they did not last more than a few months in the Church. The way they tell the story is that they were so bored by the snivelling, stuck-up disciples who hid their hunger for power behind their piety that they packed their bags and left. Church records indicate they were expelled for misconduct, drunkenness, and impersonating the High Flamen.
Their parents, desperate to straighten out their rascal child, sent Parisar to the Gauntlet. Never particularly strong, brave, or disciplined, Parisar did their very best to raise as much hell as possible to make a dramatic exit before they could be forced into the army, the Yawp, or a sewer for the rest of their life. Wicked and whip-smart, they terrorised their superiors, novice knights gunning for a position as Champions, as well as anyone else they felt could do with some Adversary-given humility.
Around this time they met Maël, who matched them in waywardness and contempt for authority. The two gravitated to each other naturally, and soon became close friends. Their fondness for Maël, as well as for the young firebrand Kazima Adeyemi and timid Patrician bastard Charlon de Valois, led Parisar to think that maybe the Adversary had guided them right after all.
After their training years, the four of them were assigned a position under Captain Akos Nemeth of the Fourth Precinct. Easily scared by the things that lived in the poorly maintained stretches of the Undercity that fell under the Fourth Precinct’s authority, and disgusted by the Miasma muck, Parisar had a difficult time adjusting to their new life, but Captain Nemeth’s guidance and their friends’ reliance on them made them surpass themself in courage and endurance. Although they remained exasperatingly mischievous and fond of trickery, Parisar matured in a valued and trusted Aethernaut. They found in their Sweeper work an opportunity to follow their calling as a disciple of Reza by tricking sycophants, swindling rich Sarnathi trying to slum it, and exposing traffickers and criminals preying on Miasma’s ghoul and refugee population.
That is how they were remembered when they died at Guilhelm’s Basin in 994, an incident which shook the Precinct, and led to the tragic death of Captain Nemeth. Their passing left a hole in the lives of many of their friends and fellow knights, perhaps none more so than Maël Allard.

Parisar Rubah

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