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  • Zo-Kolar

    Zo-Kalar has many forms, befitting her many roles. As the mother of Sarnath, she is a middle-aged Sarnathi woman, but with eyes of fire, for in all her aspects she is blind. As the judge, the bearer of scales, she is a four-armed and two-halfed visage,

  • Tamash

    Tamash takes many forms, but is closely associated with spiders and fluidity of form. Sometimes he is presented as an old man with many arms, each holding a different tool of a different trade, sometimes he is presented as a spider made of steel and

  • Bih-Piru

    Almost forgotten now is Bih-Piru, the protector of Sarnathis line of kings. Once revered above all other gods, Bih-Pirus shape was that of a mighty mastodon, crowned with many curving tusks, and often depicted holding the scepters of

  • Blood sacrifice

    The Senate has always existed in an uneasy balance between the great clans of the Eprouv. Since the Verminite Uprising, however, decades of plague, civil war and disasters have pushed the discord to a barely contained boiling point. The clans have

  • List of Sanctioned Gods

    Lobon, God of War and Patriotism
    God of Victory
    God of Strategy
    God of Heroes and Single Combat
    God of Soldiers & Bravery
    God of the Fallen
    God of the Wounded
    God of the hunt
    the Ancestors

  • Gul-farkad

    Gul-farkad is most often depicted as a black scorpion, but they are better represented as the pale sand of the White Death transforming with every desert storm yet remaining essentially unchanged and unchangeable.

    In Theraan religion, Gul-

  • Reza

    Reza, the Adversary, is usually portrayed as a great, hideous vulture by the orthodoxy of Theraa. His followers have more forms for him, many of which are more flattering, but even among her adherents the vulture association is strong. They are not