Lobon is the Sarnathi god of conquest, victory, and war. He is most commonly depicted as a lion-headed warrior wearing wooden aethernaut armor in the old style, carrying a bloody sword. Sometimes he is giving a shimmering halo, and sometimes his maw is bloody and his teeth are like tongues of fire.

Lobon’s worship is of course greatly centered around the military of the Republic; the Army especially. He is also revered by the Gauntlet, and by pit-fighters and gladiators.

Lobon values courage, patriotism, and the will to overcome adversity. He is also called the Conqueror, the Sword of the Republic, and the King-eater.

Their priests dress in simply wool garments that are nearly unbearable in the summer, and engage in self-flagellation and intense fasting. They also administer the cut that supplicants of Lobon undergo to offer their blood to him.

His feast days are at the end of spring, in the height of the dry season, and in early winter.


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