Sarnath is the largest city in the world and the capital of the Sarnathi Republic, the preeminent power in Maynar and in the world at large.

It is situated in a series of valleys on the shores of what was once a large but isolated mountain tarn, Lac Ib. The city’s structural roots go back before the arrival of the First Settlers, to the Kattu who first dwelt on the shores of Ib. They built a vast underground network of chambers and tunnels, and the writings of the First Settlers indicate that their surface presence was quite minimal.

After Maravan’s Conquest, the Sarnathi now controlled the whole of the valley, and began expanding outward from the first settlement (now called Oldtown), up to the Old Windwall in the north, with the Palaces of the Kings built on the great island in the center of the lake, a place called Akurion in the old tongue.

Over the following centuries, the settlements expanded and the Windwalls pushed further out. The Oldenking built the Great Canals, redirecting the flow of the great River Ai into Lake Ib watertable, controlled by an enormous machine called the Belly, operated by the Steamworkers’ Union’s predecessor, the Royal Hydraulics Corps.

The city is now divided into five distinct lake districts.

Lac Ib is the oldest of the Sarnathi lakes, and contains the great island Akurion, which is still the governmental seat of the city and the Republic. On the shores of Lake Ib lie Oldtown, where the city’s working class reside.

To the north lies Lac Yur, where the Ai first flows into the Belly’s reservoir. This is the lowest lying of the valleys, and contains the Port de la Tortue Noire.

To the east lies Lac Hazzan, upon whose shores rest the many wooded estates of the city’s patrician class, in the VallĂ©e des Lotus.

To the west lies the Quartier Industriel, built on the longest and narrowest lake, Lac Tarmal.

To the city’s south lies Lac Vert, home to the city’s slums, collectively called something something


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