The Book of Truth, Chapter Three

Darkness was greatly frightened by the light, and retreated from it, and evil became wroth and designed to extinguish the fires of the creatures, and all the terrors of darkness fell upon them. But with fire, for the first time, creatures were able to fight back against evil, and there was war as had never been seen before. But though the creatures fought valiantly, the evil was all around them, and each was surrounded, and evil stripped its own land, that no food could be found for the fires, and it gibbered in the darkness, that no creature could sleep, and it told lies, that the creatures holding flames ceased to work together, and fell upon one another with the sword and with the spear; and those who carried fire faltered, and all seemed lost.

So the good gods said among themselves "hark, let us use the last of our strength to fill the world with the light of fire, so that all the lies of darkness will be exposed, and so the movements of evil will be seen by all creatures, so that evil shall not triumph. But let us not flood the world with fire, for we have seen that fire consumes, and would destroy the creatures." So the good gods worked together, and with the last of their strength they created a great dragon. For its core they went again into Fire to draw some out, but they had seen how fire consumed the flesh of creatures, so in order that it might burn long, they forged a new creature of their own flesh, each giving a piece, and put the fire within it. Male and female they made it, like them, and it was good, like them, and it served them.

They set it at the edge of the world, and they pointed across the world and said to it "see, there is darkness." And the dragon became greatly angry, and inhaled mightily, and breathed its fiery breath against the darkness. Across the whole world it breathed its breath, and the breath was a fiery ball, and it passed over the whole world. From Light to Darkness it passed, rising into the sky, then falling again out of sight. But the darkness was not destroyed, and the dragon was filled with righteous fury, and inhaled again, and when it had gathered its breath once more, it again unleashed its fire. This fire, too, arced across the sky, but the darkness was not destroyed. But the dragon would not stop striving for justice, and so it never ceased to attack the darkness, as the good gods had designed, but it drew in its breath for a time after each orb of fire had fallen, and so there was a time when the world was filled with light, and another time when the world was filled with darkness, and the light creatures called day, but the darkness they named night.

And the good gods saw that the dragon could not keep the world filled with light at all times, but that darkness must also overtake the world before light could return, and they said to themselves again "lo, it is the way of things, there must be balance in all things."

The Book of Truth, Chapter Three

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