Zo-Kalar has many forms, befitting her many roles. As the mother of Sarnath, she is a middle-aged Sarnathi woman, but with eyes of fire, for in all her aspects she is blind. As the judge, the bearer of scales, she is a four-armed and two-halfed visage, one side a beautiful woman with a laurel and a jug of water respectively in two different hands, the other side a terrible charcoal-skinned being with a cleaver in one hand and a serpent in the other. As the goddess of duty she appears as a winged naga with a crown made of brass and vines.

Zo-Kalar is one of the three central gods of the Sarnathi Republic, and her shrines can be found in all corners of the city, many of them small, others grand cathedrals that reach to the heavens.

She favors those who are responsible and serious, and is herself nearly entirely humorless, often being portrayed as a foil to Tamash, the spider-god of cleverness and trickery.

She guards over those who fulfill their responsibilities, over administrators of state, the Senate especially, village councils, academy boards, and the like, but also soldiers who diligently keep their watch, parents who work tirelessly for their families, and others who suffer for their duty.

Those who pray to her offer her a small bundle of roasted chestnuts, and prayer is most effective to her on Thursdays, and in the winter. Her priests wear robes of dark blue and shave their heads.

Zo-Kolar has 77 children, all of whom have smaller domains of responsibility within those spheres that their mother controls. Some of the more prominent include Heanrazz, the goddess of the courts, Yillgun, Who Judges the Dead, Tar-Haimshu, goddess of the sciences, Shabnoddi, goddess of matrimony, and Termayne, protector of children. Many of her lesser children are gods over major streets, bridges, canals and buildings. While Tamash may hold dominion over travel and travel routes outside the city, Zo-Kolar is the city-mother, and all aspects of the city are part of her.


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