More commonly called “Downtown”. Akurion is the name the Kattu gave to the island in the middle of Lake Ib, and the Sarnathi have used it since the Conquest.

Downtown is the mixing bowl of Sarnathi society, where the highborn senators stand next to katir workers in line for coffee. Although access theoretically requires justification for those with legal standing below orphelin, in practice all but en bas and below can get a quick day pass through their local village council.

The ward of Akurion is divided into three main parts; the northernmost section is residential, called Ysolde’s Heights. This neighborhood has stricter access than the rest of Downtown, and inhabitants are generally at least moyen in status – more commonly, patrician or voisin. Ysolde’s Heights are in fact where the overwhelming majority of voisins live.

Below the Heights, marked by the Canal of Jean-Luc, sits New Sojourn, the government district, home to the Senate and the thousand bureaucratic offices that maintain rule and order in the expansive Republic.

Heading south down Boulevard des Iris, one comes to a huge clock-tower of intense antiquity, the guide-post that lets you know from blocks away that you’re approaching Watchmaker’s Square, the intellectual hub of the city, where the Clockwork Assembly trains and practices. Within this relatively small neighborhood sit most of the guildhalls and academies of the city’s guilds.


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