Ghouls originate from the White Death, the vast desert to the northeast of Theraa. They are bipedal humanoids which humans often describe as “doglike”. They have long noses, which terminate in fleshless nostrils which give them a corpselike appearance. They are taller than humans by about two feet on average, but walk hunched and so appear roughly the same height. They are nocturnal, and generally carnivorous, though they also have been known to feed on insects and have a fondness for honey.

A ghoul lives to only about 25 years on average. The oldest known ghoul recorded by Sarnathi scholars was 32 years old. Those ghouls recently captured in the White Death sometimes speak of elders who are over half a century, but this is thought to be due to the poor record keeping of ghoul culture.

Ghouls have their own tongue, which is rasping and involves many clicking noises – it is very difficult for a human to reproduce.

In Sarnath and the Republic, ghouls are a slave race. Although one occasionally encounters a freed ghoul (legally en bas), it is rare. Most well-to-do Sarnathi have adopted the Theraan practice of having their ghouls wear porcelain masks, to avoid having to see their rather gruesome faces.


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