Ylarnek lies to the northwest of Sarnath, a mix of jungle, wetlands, and silt-rich flood plains defined by dozens of river-systems that feed into the Ai River.

Of the Old Dominions, Ylarnek is culturally the closest to Sarnath, and even physically, most foreigners find the two difficult to distinguish, except for the prevalence of freckles among Ylarneki. Despite this similarity, they are regarded with some scorn, often thought of as “rustic” and uncultured.

The exact border between Sarnath and Ylarnek is an inconsistent concept, and so pinpointing a date of conquest of the province is difficult, but Maravan’s conquest included large swaths of what would become the Ylarneki farmlands. Prior to that, Ylarnek was comprised of smaller chiefdoms and townships, with the lakeside city of Afsan being the only substantial settlement in the region, which is still true today.

The Ylarneki border the Yawp, and it is believed that the ancients worshiped wild gods and even Bokrug. Today, of course, these heresies have been expunged and the guiding wisdom of the Triumvirate holds sway.

Economically, the region is utterly reliant on agriculture. The farmlands along the main rivers, the Janvari, the Palivari, and the Ai provide most of the Republic with its staples – rice, sorghum, and taro. The smaller, jungled estuaries and rivers are full of wild and farmed seafood that provides most poor citizens of the Republic with their protein – mollusks, crustaceans, frogs, turtles, eels and catfish. The more wild, Yawp adjacent regions hold more dangerous and thus expensive delicacies, such as the Ai river dolphin, nearly hunted to extinction for its savory purple flesh, and the emerald river boa, large enough to swallow a human whole. In addition to these goods, Ylarnek also produces jute, mangoes, bananas, jackfruit, pumpkins, and abaca.

Most Ylarneki live in villages or small towns along the vast river system that feeds into Sarnath. Those who live in the farmlands and within a days boat ride from the open fields most resemble Sarnathi. Those who live further upriver in the darker, more densely grown rainforest are called Nantukal, and have their own dialect and customs. They are darker haired than other Ylarneki and have dark green eyes.

Ylarneki learn how to navigate a boat and fish at an early age, and adult Ylarneki know the rivers as well as Sarnathi know the streets of their quartier. Afsaners are an exception to this, as the capital tries to distance itself from the backwards image that outsiders have of their country. Denizens of Afsan rarely acknowledge their countrymen and spend most of their time enviously copying the latest fashions from Sarnath. Most Ylarneki eprouve live in Afsan, although they usually have properties outside of the capital.


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